Properties less than 100 years old and of standard construction

The property is less than 100 years old and of standard construction

If the property in question is less than 100 years old, and is of standard construction, then one or more of the inspections below will likely be required to give you the level of information you need.


A new innovative product which will help you understand the condition of your prospective purchase, with the report sent to you on the same day that the inspection is carried out.

Standalone to the lender valuation, Homescore does not carry a property value, which helps to prevent disruption to the mortgage application process.

The valuer will rate 18 different areas of the property from 1-10 and comment on the reason for the specific rating, making it easy to understand and providing you with actionable steps that can be taken to rectify any issues.

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Easy-to-read survey with no jargon

Survey returned within 24 hours of inspection

Surveyor can ‘zoom in’ on any specific areas of concern

Exclusively available via your adviser

Quick and simple referral process


HomeBuyer Report

A HomeBuyer Report is intended for conventional, residential properties appearing to be in a reasonable condition which have not been subject to significant alterations.

In it, you will find the surveyor’s professional opinion on the particular features of the property which affect its current value, and which may affect its future marketability.

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More comprehensive than the standard mortgage valuation

Focuses on essentials like urgent or significant defects

Informs the decision on whether or not to proceed with a purchase

Decisions and actions to be taken before exchanging contracts identified

Report Fees

Homescore - Report Fees

Property Value up to Homescore Customer Gross Fee
£100,000.00 £360
£150,000.00 £380
£200,000.00 £410
£250,000.00 £440
£300,000.00 £470
£350,000.00 £560
£400,000.00 £590
£500,000.00 £680
£750,000.00 £758
£1million £920

HomeBuyer - Report Fees

Property Value up to Instruct us direct or speak to your Financial Adviser
£150K £450
£300K £500
£450K £600
£600K £650
£700K £700
£800K £750
£900K £800
£1m £850
£1.25m £950
£1.5m £1,000
£2m £1,100

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