Properties more than 100 years old and of non-standard construction

The property is more than 100 years old or of unusual construction

If the property in question is more than 100 years old, and/or it is of unusual construction, then one or more of the inspections below will likely be required to give you the level of information you need.

Building Survey

Suitable for most residential properties and more in-depth than a HomeBuyer Report, a Building Survey is likely to be needed if the property is of unusual construction, dilapidated, has been altered, or where a major renovation or conversion is planned.

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Detailed picture of a property’s construction and condition

Contains Local Surveyor’s advice

Identifies existing or potential problems

Recommends suitable remedial work needed

Building Survey - Fees

Property Value up to Instruct us direct or speak to your Financial Adviser
£100K £800
£150K £800
£200K £850
£250K £850
£300K £850
£350K £925
£400K £925
£450K £925
£500K £975
£600K £975
£700K £1,025
£750K £1,075
£800K £1,075
£900K £1,125
£1 million £1,175
£1.25 million £1,275
£1.5 million £1,325
£2 million £1,425

Specialist Report

Often, the need for further specialist reports is identified by a Standard Mortgage Valuation, HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey.

The need usually arises on specific issues such as damp, drainage or structural problems.



Helps keep your mortgage application process moving

Helps avoid, minimise or plan for future expenditures

Available off-the-shelf to make the journey as smooth as possible

Delivered at fixed prices from reputable experts

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